Thank you for visiting my campaign website! I will work for the citizens of Charlestown, East Boston and the North End on the issues that are most important to YOU. During this campaign, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible! My email address is: mfarmer@margaretfarmer.org. I hope to earn your vote in the September 26th Primary!

Lacey House Meeting

Thanking the directors of Zelma Lacey House in Charlestown for inviting me to meet and chat with their residents at today’s special event. A wonderful time it was!

Piers Park Fun

Today was an excellent day! In addition to door knocking, events, calling and notes to supporters I was able to visit the Piers Park Sailing Center! This community institution offers summer camp, sailing classes and employment opportunities for East Boston and surrounding communities. It was wonderful speaking with the leadership to learn more about their needs and vision for the future, and talk to the kids about why the programs are great for them. This race has been long and hard, but some days, some experiences, remind you why it is all worth it.

Fundraiser at Kelly Square Pub, Tuesday 8/1

Please join Margaret Farmer at her East Boston Fundraiser! The event will take place at the neighborhood institution Kelley Square Pub on Tuesday, August 1 from 6-8 PM.

We hope you’ll come by for a fun night with your friends and neighbors. All are welcome!

Donations can be made online here:

Suggested Contribution:
$50 – $75 – $100 – $250 – $500 – $1,000

Seniors are complimentary!

Meet on the Street

It being high summer, the street outdoors has as often been our meet and greet place as not. Door knocking continues, of course, but if you meet me outside on your sidewalk, don’t be surprised!

Harbor Ferry Planning

I believe your City Councilor should work to improve your life. Not just in small ways, like potholes and crosswalks. But in big ways that can protect and promote businesses, improve your quality of life by giving you more time with family and ensure you have the city services you need.

Yesterday, I worked on one of those issues with elected officials, state agencies, and community stakeholders. A “Boston Inner Harbor Ferry” that connected all communities on the waterfront would reduce traffic, and provide more, faster options for those traveling to and from Charlestown, East Boston and the North End.

Rain Won’t Stop Us!

Door knocked in East Boston before the thunderstorm hit, then attended City Councillor Annissa Essaibi George’s campaign kickoff at friend Phil Frattaroli’s new Cunard Tavern.

The thunder and rain hit (did it ever !) but inside was friendship and conversation with many Jeffries Point neighbors as well as our local elected leaders as well as with Annissa.

g Up!

Today we had help from the world’s cutest sign installers. Thanks guys!!

Governor’s Latino Community Advisory Commission

Attended the swearing in of the state’s Latino Community Advisory Commission by the Governor.

#CouncilDistrict1 is home to one of our state’s largest and most dynamic Latino communities (several communities, actually) and its advancement is a significant mission for every politician from our District.

I will be working closely with local Commission members to see that mission fulfilled. Thanks in particular to new Commissioner Regla Gonzalez for all she does to help Latino Bostonians to achieve their aspirations.